Medicare fraud whistleblowers to share in $5.25M

Medicare FraudMedicare fraud whistleblowers will get a share of the $5.25 million settlement reached between the United States Department of Justice and a major pharmacy chain.  RxAmerica, a subsidiary of CVS Caremark, settled claims that it misrepresented the cost of prescription drugs to seniors under Medicare part D.

Under the False Claims Act, a whistleblower receives a percentage of any monies recovered by the government.  The amount a whistleblower could receive ranges from 15 to 30 percent of the total monetary recovery by the government.

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Medicare fraud whistleblowers harmed by deceptive drug pricing

Max and Jan Hauser, a couple from Charlotte, North Carolina, are plaintiffs in one of the False Claims Act lawsuits filed against RxAmerica.  The suits center on the online “Plan Finder” tool that allows senior citizens to compare prices and benefits of different Medicare Part D plans.  The prices RxAmerica actually charged for its prescriptions drugs were higher than the prices it set forth on the Plan Finder.  The Hausers were deceived by the misquoted prices.  The higher priced drugs used up the Hauser’s Medicare Part D benefits, and they were forced to start paying for drugs out of pocket.

Reports the Charlotte Observer:

Jan Hauser said the settlement should show other seniors that it’s important to review their EOB forms to make sure drug charges match what their Part D plans listed on the Medicare Plan Finder.

She said she and her husband were prohibited from talking about the lawsuit for four years – “We didn’t tell our son” or anybody else – and are glad to have a resolution.

Hauser’s lawyer continued:

“She’s tenacious,” he said. “The EOB was critical in figuring this out. It was direct evidence that the dollar amount that RxAmerica was charging the government was higher than what they had represented.”

The United States Department of Justice released its own statement.

“The health care choices facing Americans are complicated enough without patients being misinformed and forced to select a Part D plan based on false data.   Those navigating our Medicare system deserve accurate information so they can make informed choices and obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.   The Medicare system deserves honest input from plan sponsors, so it can continue to safeguard taxpayer dollars.   Nothing less will suffice,” stated Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.   “This case exemplifies our continuing dedication to combating all types of alleged health care fraud that can eat away at our precious public health care dollars.”


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