Medicare Whistleblower Pharmacy Receives Millions

medicare fraud whistleblowersA Medicare whistleblower pharmacy in Florida is leading the way in reporting Medicare fraud.  After numerous successful False Claims Act cases, Ven-a-care pharmacy is making millions in Medicare fraud rewards.

Reporting Medicare Fraud in Florida

A special report from Florida Trend details how the small pharmacy has become one of the most successful Medicare whistleblowers in the country.  Ven-a-care is responsible for exposing billions in over-charges to Medicare and Medicaid for prescription drugs.

Explains the report:

In August 2011, Attorney General Pam Bondi filed a three-paragraph statement announcing a $26.6-million settlement with Par Pharmaceutical Cos. At the bottom of that statement was a reference to a small Florida pharmacy called Ven-A-Care of the Florida Keys.


The company filed the initial whistleblower’s lawsuit that accused Par Pharmaceuticals of inflating prices of its drugs and overcharging Medicaid. As its reward, Ven-A-Care will receive at least $23 million from the $156 million multi-state settlement….


According to a report by Public Citizen, a consumer watchdog group, Ven-A-Care accounts for half of the $6 billion in settlements generated by whistleblowers over a 20-month period ending in July 2012.

The National Law Journal has estimated that the four pharmacy owners have received $340 million in Medicare fraud rewards for their efforts.

In a statement by Public Citizen researcher Sammy Almashat about its report, the importance of rooting out costly fraud was emphasized.  “It should come as no surprise that states facing Medicaid budget shortfalls are finally deciding to root out fraud that likely has cost their taxpayers billions of dollars over the years.”  “What this new report unequivocally shows is that those states that have chosen to hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable have largely seen their enforcement efforts pay for themselves.”

If you have knowledge about Medicare fraud or other health care fraud, a Medicare whistleblower lawyer can help determine whether you have a case.  We can help evaluate whether you may be eligible for a Medicare whistleblower reward and guide you through the legal process of reporting Medicare fraud.  Call 1-877-255-2676 for a free, confidential consultation  or contact us.

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