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Medical fraud raises taxes and medical costs for regular Americans.  With so many medical claims submitted every day, the government alone cannot make sure health care providers follow the rules.  It depends on all of us to report Medicare, Medicaid, & pharmaceutical fraud and offers generous whistleblower incentives and whistleblower protections in return.

You may be entitled to a reward for reporting health care fraud. Hubbard Law Firm P.C. can help. To get a free, confidential consultation with a Medicare & Medicaid whistleblower attorney, call 1-877-255-2676 today or contact us.

Common types of Medicare, Medicaid, and prescription drug fraud include:

  • Over-billing for services, drugs, or devices.  Examples: billing for higher CPT procedure codes than were performed, or unbundling services into their individual parts to get paid more by Medicare or Medicaid
  • Billing for services, drugs, or devices that are not medically necessary or were never even provided
  • Billing for patients who do not exist or were not treated
  • Marketing prescription drugs for uses that have not been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration – known as “off-label marketing”
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Other types of fraud can occur when health care providers do not follow the rules for Medicare & Medicaid.  Health care providers include hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinical labs, medical device companies, medical practices, and any entity that submits claims to Medicare or Medicaid.

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